Women’s Ministry will start a NEW Zoom Bible Study On January 27:

We begin our study on Wednesday, Jan 27 from 10-11:15am with an introduction. I will send out an email every Tuesday night or Wednesday morning with a link to our Zoom session. You do NOT need to have Zoom downloaded on your computer. You just click on my link and it takes you to my “waiting room” for me to click you in. You will have to follow directions to allow for sound and sometimes for video. Once there, look at the top right of your screen and click Gallery so you can see us all at once on your screen. (I’m happy to talk to you personally about using Zoom if you’d prefer: 707 621-0464!

   We will work on the first lesson in the new workbook that following week Jan 28-Feb 2.

Those ordering through Amazon should have their books arriving before or during that week.

This is what it looks like on Amazon. Notice that I circled where it says it will be in stock on Jan 28. I’m not sure I know what that means, because I ordered one for my Mom and it says it will be delivered between Jan 15-28!

Some have already ordered through Mendocino Book Co in Ukiah. It is about $10 more but their books will arrive in a couple of days!


If you want to order through Amazon and do not have Amazon Prime, you will have to pay shipping ($3.99). If you want me to order for you, I can do so and have it shipped to your home and your cost will be $15.99 and maybe some tax. You can send me a check (763 E School Way, RV 95470) or pay me at church. Just send me a note and your mailing address and I’ll get it ordered for you!!!


ABOUT the study “Seamless":

Author: Angie Smith

This is her first Bible Study but not her first book. Her husband is Todd Smith who sings with the group “Selah” that has several CD’s out there.

This study, “Seamless", is a video-based study, meaning we will hear from the author, Angie Smith each lesson. I’ve been able to figure out how to show this video on our ZOOM session - rather miraculous in my opinion!!! Although the video is only 15 minutes long, when I consider our sharing time and the great discussion times that we have had with our material, I’m planning that one week will be with our video and discussion on that presentation. The next week will be about our Lesson in the workbook.

The study is 7 Lessons long. Doing the above schedule means our study will go for 14 weeks. Which means we will likely be working our way through this study February through April.

The subtitle for “Seamless” is: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story. It is Angie’s effort to show us "how the whole Bible ... connects as one beautiful, seamless thread.” Whether we are unfamiliar with the Bible or old-timers with the Scriptures, Angie is pretty sure that this study will change the way look at God’s Word!

So!!! let me know if you want me to help you order through Amazon. Otherwise, I want you to know that we would be delighted to see you on ZOOM on January 27 for our introductory lesson which will include her introductory video.

In the meantime, here is a 1 minute Promo Video:


… and for kicks a 1/2 minute Blooper Video:


Have fun!!

♥️ Betty Beuving