Our Global Mission Partners

Jesus commanded his followers “to Disciple all the nations “. This is His heart and he has entrusted it to us His body. This extraordinary challenge awaits us to reach the 7,000 remaining unreached people groups of the World.

The following is a list of organizations we partner with globally:

Togo (West Africa)

Wycliffe Bible Translators – translating the Bible into a central region language

The countries of North Africa

Partners International – equipping the natives for ministry


Partner’s International – student out-reach


|Wycliffe Bible Translators (translating the Bible into the Corongo Quechua & Sihuas Quechua languages)


Congregations of Hechicera, Bugambillias & Aqua Prieta

World Wide

Voice of the Martyrs – aide to the persecuted Christians in Asia, Africa, Indonesia, South America, Europe, Mexico

Our Daily Bread – (Equipping Christians Worldwide)

Egypt and North Africa

Partner’s International – Training and equipping Christians in Egypt

    Partners International China